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16 March 2010 @ 07:43 pm
So... guess I didn't hold up to that idea of updating once a day very well.

Back in NC, on Spring Break. Yesterday I had round 2 of 3 for my dental implant! They screwed the actual implant in, which is the metal post. The hope is that in 3 months I'll get the cap, and finally be done with my retainer. That will be the best damn day of this decade.

Right now my face is really grumbly and sore and easily irritated, but at least I can eat warm soft foods again, because yesterday was rough. As much fun as it sounds to eat ice cream all day, by the end of it your blood sugar is so out-of-whack you can't wait for it to be over.

This week is my Not Making Any Decisions week, and it's wooonderful so far. I'm really enjoying letting everyone else take care of where we're going out to eat, what time we're meeting, and all of those other loose ends. Really, I guess I'm just happy that I'm around people that I trust enough to take care of it themselves, and the whole event won't fall apart because of it.

Can't drink right now because of blood thinners, but come Friday it's gonna be a party! Gotta do somethin' outrageous for my first Legal break!
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08 March 2010 @ 12:12 pm
I will eat healthier.

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05 March 2010 @ 09:51 pm
Hey Guys...

It's been, what, 6 months or something since I last updated? I'm not dead, nor have I fallen off the map, and I have been checking my friends page once a week or so. There just hasn't really been motivation to post, but I think I'm going to try and do so at least once a week, and maybe try to turn this into more of an illustration blog.

Classes are still going, School is still going, this is the weekend before finals and as such I have a ton of work. Pretty much just can't wait to be done. Working to get an Advertising internship over the summer somewhere at home, and I have an interview the Friday after finals. So... in one week! Now the goal is to get my portfolio printed and bound in time. Phwourgh. It's so much work, and I feel like it never ends.

My style and work have improved a lot in the past year, which I'm really grateful for, but there's still a ton of room for improvement. Been knitting like crazy which is still wonderful, and my skills there have improved as well.

Also, it's my birthday tomorrow! Happy 21 to me!
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23 May 2009 @ 02:52 pm
Ohgod I'm so ready to be home now.
Y'know why? The need for FOOD just set in.

Like, up until now I've been floating along, happy that I'll be going home in what is now 6 days, but not really stressing about it. My finals are definitely manageable, nothing super stress-worthy except for maybe shenanigans with 20th Century, but no MASSIVE SOUL-SUCKING projects. Which is excellent.

But I just saw a commercial for Golden Corral and I thought 'hey, I can make that but BETTER' ('cause it's Golden Corral), EXCEPT I CAN'T. Because students can't even have frickin' TOASTERScylons in their rooms! And I'm really, really hungry, but there's nowhere for me to eat, because SCAD hates feeding their students. I'm so completely and totally fed up with the dining hall hours and how inconvenient they are, especially during Finals. It's ridiculous. Students need to eat to do well on projects, yes? Yes. apjewralwjraljralwjera;wer.

So yeah, I'm very, very ready to be able to cook my own damn food again!
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13 May 2009 @ 08:52 pm
So there are new ads running talking about how easy it is for kids to get pharmies from their parents, and they are kindof backfiring for me. The ads are focusing on how Pharmie's are the new 'in' drug, and it's what kids are most responsible for taking now, and they're way easier to get then pot/ex/etc. I like the concept and the execution of them are all pretty well done. The drug dealer one in particular is pretty quirky. Yet when I watch them... all it tells me is how easy it'd be to get high.

It makes me feel like I should be getting high, since the kids depicted in these ads are all middle class whitebread. AKA, me. Really, these ads make it seem like all HS kids are doing this. That it's what's cool, it's what's natural. I've always wanted to be normal, it really bothers me how much I hang on the straight-as-an-arrow fringe, so is this what "normal kids" are doing these days? "Legal" drugs? Shit, if I can get drugs from my parents' medicine cabinets that easily, why the hell not? I know that my parents don't monitor their drugs like that. I have absolutely no doubt that I could steal from them if I were so inclined. And even if they noticed something was missing, I have 3 highschool age brothers. 1 of which they know is drinking/partying/whiny emo bitch.

Let's be completely honest. I HAVE some of these drugs with me, right now. In my room. And the thing is, they're in my name. I have prescription amounts of Percoset and Zoloft, both legally given to me for various reasons. So what's preventing me from taking those?

An incredibly strong conscious and desire to be a goody-two-shoes. And that I know how easy it is to have really bad side effects from drugs not prescripted to you. But otherwise? Nothing. Especially when I could be getting these things from my mum, who has almost exactly the same genetic makeup as I do, so chances of something going wrong with me when it didn't with her are incredibly low.

Yeah, I'm admittedly susceptible to advertising. It's not hard to persuade me to buy something from an ad. But since that's the case, shouldn't that be a sign against these ads? That even though I'm an Ad Minor, so I know how all of this WORKS, this ad still makes me want to go out and get the drugs myself? Not, "be a Good Responsible Person" and prevent my siblings from doing so? Yeeah.

I think something went wrong in the Copy room. Actually no, something went wrong in the Media Placement room. They know that the target audience is parents, so they want to show it mostly to parents on a parents-watched-network. That I'll buy, and USA is a good place to do so. THAT BEING SAID, Parents have kids. And lots of kids watch Law and Order and NCIS with their parents. Lord knows I did! Which means that this ad is also being shown to exactly the wrong audience at the same time.

Remind me not to work on not-for-profit ads in the future, ok? Stuff like this goes wrong too easily.

(Don't worry, I'm not going to do drugs. I've not completely lost it, I know how bad of an idea drugs are.)
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20 April 2009 @ 04:42 pm
apowerj;lwera;lewrj fucking weather.

So I'm trying this CurlyGirl method to see if I can rejuvinate my hair back into being healthy and curly. Right now it's... in need of some help. Well, actually, it's a fair bit better now, but a week and a half ago it was sad. Everything was so dry and limp, poor babies. My hair has always been rather perplexed with itself, never sure of whether to wave or curl, or on rare occasions straight. Usually my canopy is wavy and everything underneath is curly.

Read below for explanation of Curly Girl regimen.Collapse )

My point is that I'm trying this new CurlyGirl thing, with medium success as so far. We kindof have curl?
My hair curls in places? It's... yeah. But so I bought a gel to try, see if it'll encourage my curls to stay, because that's what I'm having the most trouble with. Needless to say I shower, co-wash, condition, plop and apply gel. Hunkydory.
Mandy then trundles off to the post-office freshly dressed and ready to roll. When she walks out of the post office? IT'S POURING DOWN RAIN. So I get to walk back to the dorm and end up soaked, with my hair... I don't even know. I've just let it sit and airdry while typing this up, I'll look at it when this is done. I'm just frustrated that all of that effort went into getting hair properly gelled and set and close to curl only to get RAINED ON. I've never spent this much time on hair before, it's a little overwhelming.

Just wonderful.
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15 April 2009 @ 06:54 pm

Yeah that's pretty much my whole reason for wanting to update... 'cause I made one. He's got TEETH.

If anyone's curious the textures came from iconsbycurtana (just see my profile for links). And the image is from google, I'm not that suave.

Otherwise... life's still pretty dull. I made a print for Editorial Illu and Briant ended up loving it way more than I expected. He wants a print of it for himself! He also suggested I do it in color, which I'm going to (the assignment was for black and white, but making it color will be easy) and then save it as a portfolio piece! woo!

I also took some portraits of my friend Phill two nights ago inbetween shooting for an Ad project. I'm rather pleased with how these three came out, there's minor photoshop editing done on the 2nd one, nothing serious.
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11 April 2009 @ 02:27 pm

"Where you're going is the only place in the world where the geese chase you!" - Dr. Ian Malcolm as played by Jeff Goldblum.

I. Adore. This movie. Lucky for me USA is playing Jurassic Park II while I'm seaming up my sweater! I'm so excited! I finally got over the 2nd sleeve syndrome and finished it, and now I'm seaming. This is my first seaming project and I was rather nervous about the mattress stitching. The first 3/4 of the first sleeve looks like TRAAAASH but then I finally got the trick and figured out exactly what I was looking at in between the stitches, and voila! Nice Seams! :D :D :D This is a THICK sweater, too. Definitely warm and squishy and cozy. It's too warm outside now for me to get any wear out of it which is a little disappointing, but it will probably become invaluable next winter. I'll probably post pictures over at novice_knitters once I get everything finished, if my flist was curious.

But yes, JP. It almost makes up for the fact that Watchmen has stopped playing in my area now that I have the chance to go see it. Almost. Teeth, Dinosaurs, rawrrrrrr. I put a T-Rex in my first Editorial Illu project, which went over really well. The entire class was like "DINOSAUR!" and said that it was drawn well, which made me feel pretty excellent. I'm always hyper-aware of my drawing skills as compared to my Illu peers. Because they're the ones I'm going to have to compete with to get jobs, so it's best that I stay on top of my game!

The new Royal Caribbean commercials make me feel like playing Katamari. I think that's what I'll do later tonight!

Why don't I have a T-Rex icon? This should be fixed.
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03 April 2009 @ 02:34 pm
Hey! Hey! Friends list!

Check out this! A Fiber artist and Photographer is working to win her Dream Assignment, and she needs your votes today!
The project is sponsored by Microsoft, and her dream is to show Heifer International, a fantastic charity, in action.

The information from her is here.
And to go directly to her Dream Assignment page for voting, go here.

At least look at what she's doing, even if you don't end up voting.
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01 April 2009 @ 03:59 pm
I'm still here.
This semester is going to be kindof boring, which all things considered, I need.
Spending all of my time alone is getting to me, though. Unsure of how exactly to fix it.

But yeah, have a meme.

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